Weekly news for 21.1.24

Dear Friends,

Alex and Malcolm asked me to pass on their thanks to everyone who took part in the conversation last week and gave your input.

A little word 

“Cursed is anyone who withholds justice from the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow.” Deut 27.19 (NIV)

We all need to be careful about proof texting! But 18 times a phrase like this comes up in the Old Testament and 11 of them are in Deuteronomy (the law). Jesus doesn’t specifically use the same word formula but tells us to love our neighbour. When asked who that might be he tells us it’s everyone and anyone. To his listeners he might as well have said, love the ‘dirty foreigner.’ So, without denying the complexity of migration, my heart sinks when we get ‘our’ government using people fleeing horror as scapegoats and a distraction technique from the real work they should be doing. My prayer is that the Bishops in the House of Lords will show a moral leadership when it comes to the debate, and that this law being proposed will never be enacted.

And I remind myself of the way this church has benefitted over many years by offering welcome and hospitality to people coming to this country to make their home among us. We have learnt from each other and been a blessing to each other. May that continue.

Things to pray for

  • Give thanks that God’s love inspires us to have a bigger heart. 
  • For our PCC as they meet on Monday.
  • For everyone suffering with the cold, be it infirmity or poverty.

Sunday services 

9.15am Sunday Gathering

10.30am Morning Worship

Epiphany 3

Readings: John 2. 1-11

Cogs children’s group meets.

Refreshments to follow.

7pm Reflective

this week is a reflective Holy Communion.


We all value having a cuppa after services. For that to continue we need at least one other couple/team to go on the rota. Men can make drinks as well as women! Full training can be given if needed. The more volunteers, the less often your turn will come around. Let Maureen or Pip know you would like to go on the rota.

Maureen retiring

Maureen is retiring at the end of the month from her roles as Administrator and PCC Secretary. We want to show our appreciation for her many years here, so there is a card for messages and a collection if you would like to contribute to a gift. This Sunday is your last chance as we will be presenting it to her next Sunday (28/1).

What’s on?

Wednesday 10am – Stay and Play – in the Welcome Centre.

Wednesday 7.30pm – After 8’s at 225 Nottingham Street

Thursday 10am – Holy Communion in the Welcome Centre followed by coffee and Lunch Club.

Friday 1pm – Craft and Chat -in the Welcome Centre