Weekly news for 6.11.22

Dear Friends

Here is a brief news update for this week. We are really looking forward to welcoming Bishop Pete and having a church full for the confirmation.

A little word

If our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire and out of your hand, O king, let him deliver us. But if not, be it known to you, O king, that we will not serve your gods and we will not worship the golden statue that you have set up.’                                                                                                       Daniel 3.17

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are friends of Daniel living in exile in Babylon. They have all undergone rigorous selection to serve the king. God has honoured them with their veggie diet! Now they have to stand up to a ruthless power-hungry king and speak truth to power.

Who knows how strong our faith would be faced with a trial like this. Some of our brothers and sisters around the world can tell us, even today. I pray that we might have that same security knowing God will look after us, even if facing really difficult stuff.

Things to pray for

  • Give thanks for the faith that sustains people under attack
  • For all those who are being confirmed on Sunday evening.
  • For the Home Office and all those helping and dealing with Asylum seekers.


All-age worship in Christ Church at 10am.

This week’s readings are: Psalm 17.1-9 & Luke 20.27-38 

Refreshments to follow. 

Sunday at 6pm.

We are hosting the Deanery Confirmation service with Bishop Pete this Sunday at 6pm. Please join us as Arnold, Ivalyn, Sophie and Jessica are confirmed along with others from our twin deaneries.

Reflective services are recommencing at Advent.

10am on Thursday 

Holy Communion is now back at Christ Church in the Welcome Centre, followed by Lunch Club.

Advent Course

Bill Goodman has offered to run an Advent course. To get a flavour see https://www.lightsforchrist.uk/travellinglight It could be Monday or Thursday evenings and either in person or on-line. See Bill, Sara, or Pip to express an interest and we’ll see which is the best day and way.

Remembrance Sunday next week (13 Nov)

We will mark Remembrance with a wreath and silence at 11am at the end of the service.

In the evening we will have the church open from 5.30pm for those who would like to light a candle or record a name of someone they have lost. This time will be quiet and unled and will be suitable for those of any faith or none.  Folk can just pop in for as long or short a time as they need. At 6pm we will have a short act of Christian worship to draw it all together. Please get this message out to those you know who are grieving or would want to mark or remember someone. If someone would like us to do it on their behalf, because they can’t attend, they can contact Pip to leave details.   

CoP 27

Climate change in the form of unprecedented monsoons and melting glaciers have put 1/3 of Pakistan under water, affecting 33 million people. – Yet, Pakistan contributes less than 1% to world-wide greenhouse gas emissions. 

On Saturday 12 November at 12 noon, meeting at Barker’s Pool, many will march for Climate Justice, calling for the pledges made by higher-income countries to help climate-vulnerable nations adapt to the climate crisis and invest in a more sustainable future, made back in 2009, to finally be delivered. 

Please join them or sign a petition on Tearfund or Christian Aid websites. It’s only fair! 

Craft & Chat

Is being re-launched on Fridays from 1-3.30pm starting on 11 Nov. It will include simple food. Talk to Yvonne for more details.

Keeping up

Reminders of contact details:

Maureen (for admin queries).    [email protected], 07765 232789.

Pip (for everything else!).             [email protected], 07799944436.

Earlier news

Previous editions of this news update are on the website if you can’t find it in your in-box.       

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