Weekly news for 28.11.21

Dear Friends

Do please also check in with the facebook page www.facebook.com/ccpitsmoor/   and website  www.pitsmoor.church/  during the week as things do change!

A little word

He who testifies to these things says, ‘Yes, I am coming soon.’ Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.                   Rev 22.20 (NIV)

Advent is here. The anticipation of the return of Jesus and the culmination of all things. When John recorded these words, I can’t imagine for a moment that he thought ‘soon’ could mean 2000+ yrs. But we hold on to the hope that Christ will return and the Kingdom, already among us, will be fully consummated. It gives me hope when I watch the news that all will be one day put right. ‘Soon’ reminds me to be in a state of readiness, living life to the full as we continue to establish God’s kingdom with our subversive acts of love and hope.

Things to pray for

  • Give thanks for the certainty that hope, and love wins.
  • for the continuing tragic situation with asylum, that we as a country will get our act together.
  • our diocese and the deanery gathering on Tuesday with Bishop Pete.


In-Church worship Sunday at 10am. Holy Communion with CoGs group for primary children.

Face coverings please and be especially conscious of how some people will still want to be cautious.

You can also watch by live-stream on the church facebook page.

This week’s readings are: Jeremiah 33.14-16 & Luke 21.25-36

5.00pm Advent Sundays reflective space

Join us for a short time of reflection, contemplation, and communion on the theme of “stopping” in the run up to Christmas.

We’ll spend 45 minutes together with simple music, some prompts for thought, and a space for you to stop and reflect amongst the busyness.

10am on Thursday

Holy Communion in Church

Service details update

At the PCC recently, we reviewed where we are. Thank you for all those who have given us feedback.

At the moment it seems sensible to carry on in the morning as we are for a little longer. December is always different anyway. We are trying to have a variety of styles and, to put it bluntly, it is impossible to please everyone. I’m so pleased about the comments that value being together as more important than doing it my way. Worship is about giving and receiving after all.


Thank you to everyone who contributes financially to the work of the church.

If you are used to giving by the envelope scheme and would like to continue like this, please see Karen Rodgers who can give you a set of envelopes.

If you would like to know about how to give through the bank or use the Parish Giving Scheme speak to Karen (giftaid@pitmoor.church) or Bernadette (treasurer@pitsmoor.church) or Pip (vicar@pitsmoor.church).

Finally, a reminder that peoples financial circumstances change. If you have signed a gift-aid declaration, please let us know if you cease to be a taxpayer. Alternatively, if you are a taxpayer and have never signed one, please talk to us so that we can recover the tax paid on your gifts.

Ecclesfield & Hallam Deanery Event

Christ Church is hosting this on Tuesday 30 November, 7-9pm. Open to all to hear from and engage with Bishop Pete and members of the Senior Staff Team.

You can also watch it on-line. Go to The Diocese of Sheffield (anglican.org) and follow the links.

If you could help with refreshments or stewarding, please see Pip.

‘Granddads and Grandmas, Uncles and Aunts.’

All are needed in bringing up children… in fact… someone said a child needs a whole Church-full of people to bring them up happy and healthy!

Being alongside children in their journey of faith is demanding but totally awesome. We are very grateful to have a great Children of God team developing… but they are going to be over-stretched with- out a few more helpers… especially Granddads and Uncles. Please consider: could God be calling you to this very important ministry? If you are wondering… have a chat to Joanne, Sara, Pip… one of the team…We need you!

Earlier news

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