Weekly news for 19.9.21

Dear Friends

Do drop in at some point on Saturday for the Prayer Day.

Do please also check in with the facebook page www.facebook.com/ccpitsmoor/   and website  www.pitsmoor.church/  during the week as things do change!

A little word

 Hear my prayer, O Lord; let my cry come to you.                             Psalm 102.1

Psalm 102 (worth a read) is a heartfelt cry to God. It is a reaching out from a place of affliction. If the planet had a voice, I am sure it would be expressing these feelings. We know the poor of our world, living in the teeth of the climate change inspired hardship, do. The truth is that the way you and I live, us in the west for the past 100yrs or more, as if there were no tomorrow, heap misery upon the least able to defend themselves; those with the smallest voices; those with the least power. The Old Testament prophets were often called as a voice to the voiceless. We as the Church need to take up that mantle. By our words, our advocacy, and our actions we can stand for justice, and we must.

Things to pray for

  • Grieve and lament over the mess we are making of God’s wonderful creation.
  • for Kaylah and her family at her Baptism.
  • our PCC meeting, as they hold responsibility for all we do


In-Church worship Sunday at 10am. All-age Service with Baptism of Kaylah – Creation Emergency – Desolation

Face coverings please and be especially conscious of how some people will still want to be cautious.

You can also watch by live-stream on the church facebook page

This week’s readings is: Jeremiah 14.1-10

10am on Thursday

Holy Communion in Church

Service details

We are going to continue with our current Sunday morning pattern at 10am through September and October. We don’t want to be changing constantly. Now that the schools are back the children’s work has restarted also. We will review it again for the later Autumn and adapt as we go.

Prayer Day – 18/9 10am -3pm

The last eighteen months have been a testing time for many of us. During this time, we may have encountered isolation, grief, ill health, financial difficulties and more. Also, we may have discovered new things… How have we been affected? How has our faith journey held up?

On Saturday 18th September there’s an opportunity to reflect, contemplate and pray –maybe thinking particularly how we might move forward as a community, as Christ Church Pitsmoor, and as individuals, but primarily a quiet space where we can spend time with God after the upheaval and trauma of the past eighteen months. There will be some visuals and quiet music to help us reflect. We also hope to have the Diocesan video on how ‘church’ could look as we move forward, playing in the Holroyd Room.

Feel free to drop in at any time between 10am & 3pm for however long you like. The day will draw to a close with prayers led by Sara at 2.45pm

Afghan Refugees – how can I help?

There is a need for working smartphones. They need to be wiped back to factory settings and have a charger. If you have (an old) one you could donate, give it to Pip and we will pass it on.

There will be other ways to help in time.

You can see donation requests on a facebook group, search Sheffield Donations for Refugees. It changes quite often, and they are quite specific.

Refugee/Asylum Seeker drop-in

We are exploring opening the Welcome Centre on a Tuesday morning for a couple of hrs. We will need people to help with making refreshments, playing games, making people feel welcome and chatting to improve English. If you might be interested, please talk to Pip.

Activities restarting

Things are gradually getting back to normal.

Youth group in the Welcome Centre is back (Mon for Girls) Tues for everyone

The Toddler group has restarted on Weds at 9.30-11.30 in the Welcome Centre.

Thursday lunches are back on again

Earlier news

Previous editions of this news update are on the website if you can’t find it in your in-box.