Weekly news for 9.10.22

Dear Friends

Thank you for your generosity last week with the Foodbank collection.

A little word

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.                                                                                   Micah 6.8

The church calendar remembered Francis of Assisi this week. This reading from Micah was set. You will probably recognise the phrase even if you didn’t know where it came from. The Franciscans live a life of poverty and simplicity with a renewed sense of what that means for the environment. It is something we all would do well to consider as we try to tread lightly as we treasure the earth. I particularly like the idea of walking humbly.

Things to pray for

  • Give thanks for your journey of faith and those who accompany you.
  • For local plans to help and support our community this winter.
  • For the church in places of religious persecution.


Holy Communion in Christ Church at 10am with CoGs group.

This week’s readings are:  Luke 17.11-19 

Refreshments to follow. 

Cogs are needing clean, old, white plastic bags please. Please give to Sara or put in the box provided by the bins on the way to the Welcome Centre.

Sunday at 6pm.

No reflective services yet.

10am on Thursday 

Holy Communion will continue at Pitsmoor Methodist Church (corner of Christ Church Road and Burngreave Rd) followed by coffee. Lunch Club has restarted, roll up from 11.30 if you haven’t come earlier. We expect to be back at Christ Church in a few weeks when the lift is fixed.

CCP Churchyard Autumn Clear-up

Autumn leaves, the smell of rich earth, laughter, and hot drinks! You are warmly invited to such on Friday 7th or Saturday 8th of October Starting at 10.00, finishing 12.00.

Please sign up for the day you can come and ‘bag’ any of the jobs on the to-do list. The list will be on display in Church, or I can email it to you if you prefer. If you can’t make the days, you are welcome to bag a job, and do it whenever you can – thanks!

Also, please bring your own tools – including gloves and any large pots – it would be great to dig up our saplings and pass them onto tree planting initiatives.

Ideas exchange

It was so good to see everyone back in Christ Church last Sunday.

One of the things we thought about was the knowledge/skills/ ideas/ stuff we can share to help each other over this next winter.

The end wall (in church) now has an image of a giant light bulb with post- its stuck to it, each with an idea like, get an electric blanket (cheapest way of staying warm apparently) written on.

Please do add to the ideas over the next weeks together with your name so people can ask you about it. It doesn’t have to be anything big: knowing how to draft – proof your home; to grow spinach in a tub; to fix clothes; to use the buses; to provide a reassuring smile; every little has the potential to help someone somewhere.

Community Climate Talk

Sheffield Hallam University, S1 1WB. Tuesday 11 October, 6.45-8.30pm, hosted by XR Sheffield.

Five Marks feedback

Pick up the sheet from Church with the feedback from our recent meetings and join in the conversation.

Keeping up

The church building is back up and running. It will be at least another week or two before other groups are back in the Welcome Centre, and the lift will be a couple of weeks more.

If you are a keyholder, please check with Pip or Maureen before coming in. There have been some key and Alarm Code changes.

In church there are some compromises. Plastic chairs until we can order permanent replacements, and the organ clean will be a little while. We are just glad to be back!

Reminders of contact details:

Maureen (for admin queries).    office@pitsmoor.church, 07765 232789.

Pip (for everything else!).             vicar@pitsmoor.church, 07799944436.

Earlier news

Previous editions of this news update are on the website if you can’t find it in your in-box.